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Are you an independent or small business owner? Or, do you want to be?

My mission is to help you.

I work with you and your business to get started, to grow, to transform. Helping you discover sources of self-sustaining value - the geese that lay golden eggs - along the way.

To develop a business, you must also develop yourself. With over 20 years combined experience in Business Analysis and Coaching, I am unlike other business coaches. Versed in both business best practice and the latest in adult development theory, I am uniquely placed to help you grow as a business person and get maximum benefit from specific business practices.

Products and Services
Programmes and Workshops

Whether you want to start your own business, or grow an existing one, I have a programme to help. 

My Transition to Success programme if for those that want to start their business, even if they don’t know what business to start. 

Transition to Growth is my programme for existing business owners who want to initiate or accelerate growth. 

Both of these programmes incorporate concepts from Constructed Development Theory to give you the best chance of developing yourself as you develop your business. 

These programmes are also available as workshops.

Business Coaching

There are many reason why you might need a business coach. 

Sometimes you might need support with a specific issue.  Maybe you’re struggling with an important decision, having difficulty creating a plan, or you lack energy and focus. Maybe you’ve fallen out of love with your business. 

Whatever is blocking you from moving forward in your business, coaching can help. 

Using my experience as a business analyst, a business owner, and a coach, I’ll work with you to understand the blockage and work with you to create a tailored coaching package to meet your needs. 

Unlike other coaches though, I won’t just be coaching the specific problem. We’ll be working together to grow your thinking so that you develop vertically. Making you a more effective thinker and business person for future challenges.

Identity Compass Profile

Getting awareness of your current thinking preferences is a great way to kick-start your development. 

Understand your preferences across 50 thinking styles (or Cognitive Intentions) to identify where coaching should be focussed. 

Just understanding these thinking styles and how they affect you can be developmental if you take steps to counter the biases they uncover. 

And coming soon, you’ll also be able to understand your level of Dynamic Intelligence™ through your Thinking Quotient™ score

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Meet Sean
Sean Ellis

My purpose is to be the curious explorer forever seeking golden egg laying geese.  I’m passionate about developing self-sustaining value. 

What makes me unique as a Business Coach is my 20+ years experience in business analysis, collaborating with managers to transform and grow their businesses.  I synthesise this experience with my coaching skills so that I can help business owners to create self-sustaining transformation and growth both within their businesses and themselves. 

People say they are ‘amazed at the impact’ of my coaching and I’d love more of you to experience that.