Very little, if anything, that we do is ever a genuine solo affair. My coaching practice is no different.

Dr Darren Stevens of Coventry University, creator of Constructed Development Theory, and owner of Cognilibro is my friend, mentor and collaborative partner in much of what I do.

Identity Compass International and it’s founder Arne Maus, author of Getting People Right, provide the platform and support enable the practicalities of using Dr Stevens’ Constructed Development Theory in my coaching practice.

Coaching York, a social enterprise, provide a community of coaching connections, and the opportunity to increase my expertise and contribute to the local community and business in one stroke.

I am also indebted to many people that have provided me with support, assistance, and encouragement along this path. You know who you are, but in particular are Flaminia Fazi, the trainers and my co-trainees from The Performance Solution, and all of my fellow Toasties at York EbOrators.